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rosen method

Rosen Method Bodywork

“This work is about transformation, from the person we think we are to the person we really are.”

Marion Rosen

What is Rosen Method bodywork?


Rosen Method uses gentle, direct touch. Using hands that listen rather than manipulate, the practitioner focuses her work on chronic muscle tension. As relaxation occurs and the breath deepens, unconscious feelings, attitudes, and memories may emerge.


A Rosen Method bodywork practitioner has been trained to notice subtle changes in muscle tension and shifts in the breath. She recognizes these as messages from the body as we become more aware of our body world and internal experience. The practitioner responds with touch and words, which allow the client to recognize what has been held down by unconscious muscle tension.


As this body work process unfolds, habitual tension and old patterns may be released, freeing the client to experience more aliveness, new choices in life, and a greater sense of well-being.


The results of Rosen Method frequently include reduced pain and tension, and increased vitality and aliveness. Many people experience a new sense of clarity about their life direction and goals. They are better able to make decisions that improve the quality of their life, and can more easily align with their purpose.

Bronwyn Michaelis on Rosen Method


The mystical nature of witnessing clients in a Rosen method bodywork context, expands and deepens our experience of listening as we contact our inner being. My style of Rosen is deeply influenced by my training in Hakomi Method, a dynamic mindfulness practice steeped in the study of somatics.


Rosen Method bodywork training impressed upon me the value of being fluid rather than rigid when we are in the place of not knowing. This enables us to listen inwardly to a deeper silence; from this quiet place, we are able to shape ourselves and respond to life according to who we are in that moment.  


Rosen healing touch helps us become present to profound, complex, and authentic feelings, allowing us to reveal our true selves in our daily expression. Eventually, we become aware of a deeper presence – a “beingness” – that is untouched by the drama of everyday life.


Rosen Method is a way of the heart rather than of the head, and is unique to each individual. For me, this is one of its most profound and magical aspects. As the influence of Rosen grows, I believe it will profoundly affect our communities and the world at large.

rosen method

Benefits may include


  • Relaxation of muscle tension and chronic
    muscular holding.

  • Increased flexibility and vitality.

  • Deepening of physical and emotional awareness.

  • Personal growth.

  • The complementing of other therapeutic modes
    and psychospiritual disciplines.

Who may benefit from Rosen Method bodywork?

       People who:

  • Have physical pain and discomfort.

  • Have muscle tension and postural problems.

  • Want to increase their ease in physical activity.

  • Use their bodies for self-expression
    (athletes, public speakers, performers).

  • Are under stress.

  • Feel overextended.

  • Are receiving psychotherapy.

  • Are looking for physical, emotional,
    and spiritual growth.

"Bronwyn is a skilled healer and teacher. Her understanding of the movement of subtle energy and the links between body and mind are highly developed and insightful.”

Daniel Bear D.

From my blog

Marion Rosen

Marion Rosen passed away at the age of 97. She was still seeing clients a few months beforehand. Marion’s work is revolutionary. 

More information on Rosen Method bodywork.​

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