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Bronwyn Ayla, LAc

Trained in traditional healing practices from around the world, I am a licensed primary care provider, acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, as well as a Reiki, Yoga, and Bodywork instructor. My methodology integrates an advanced knowledge of human anatomy and physiological processes for optimizing vitality and unfolding the mind and body’s latent potential.


As a holistic professional providing natural health care, I view the body as a vehicle for transformation and growth. By cultivating and supporting greater health and aliveness we enable our consciousness to evolve. Each person brings forward a unique approach to health. As such, I offer a wide range of natural healing modalities which link the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies to promote integrated healing.


My approach to healing is holistic, direct and compassionate. I encourage the empowered participation of people and strive to help them discover a greater sense of awareness and vitality in their lives. In addition to providing healing sessions, I invite people to broaden their approach to disease, pain and their environment.


Having spent decades studying classical sources from various traditions, I strive to make these ancient teachings accessible to my patients and students in a way that relates to their everyday lives.

My clinic is set in the beautiful Berkeley Hills overlooking the Bay. I look forward to supporting you in making sustainable lifestyle changes that will allow you to live more fully with greater aliveness.

"Bronwyn's Reiki, yoga, and body work are incredible. I originally sought her for just acupuncture but ended up falling in love with her Rosen method sesisons and foot baths. Bronwyn's work really encompasses the best body work you can receive and herb-nutrition work. Her clinic is gorgeous! You walk through a beautiful garden, into a fabulous house that feels warm and inviting.”

Jennifer Segale 
Half Moon Bay, CA



Founder and Director of Holistic Medical Arts

Berkeley, CA 1999-present

  • Treating a diverse population of the Bay Area with integrative medicine including acupuncture, herbs, moxibustion, nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine and bodywork such as chi-nei-tsang, Rosen Method, shiatsu, tui-na, and Reiki.

  • Patients’ challenges include depression, chronic pain, gynecological health, psychiatric disorders, physical decline, side effects of cancer treatment, HIV, orthopedic concerns, constipation, IBS, eating disorders, nausea, anxiety, PMS, fertility challenges, and addictions.

  • Providing primary care, case management, referral, and integrative communication with allopathic and traditional medical facilities and practitioners.



Oriental Medicine Faculty, Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College

Berkeley, CA 2010-2013

  • Development of course curriculum and instruction to graduate students in Tui-na and Shiatsu.



Founder, Director, and Instructor of the Wu Wei School of Reiki

Berkeley, CA 1998-present

  • The school offers comprehensive training in all aspects of Reiki from beginning level to Master Level classes as well as training in Traditional Asian Medicine, esoteric anatomy, auras, chakras, crystals, toning, clinical aromatherapy, and ReikiYoga.

  • Classes include traditional Usui Reiki and Japanese Reiki Techniques and are grounded in a background of functional medicine and Asian medicine.

  • Venues have included: Himalayas, India; Barcelona Spain; Glastonbury, England. As well as the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program.

  • Facilitating an ongoing community Reiki share group in Berkeley 1999- 2015 where students and professionals regularly gathered.

  • Supervision of a clinic apprenticeship program at Holistic Medical Arts where students practice Reiki and members of the community receive low-cost treatments.


Yoga and Movement Instructor


  • Instruction in numerous styles of yoga including Iyengar, Ashtanga, kids yoga, Bikram, and Bronwyn’s own unique blend influenced by axis syllabus and dance.

  • Bay area studios where she has held ongoing classes include The Yoga Source, The Berkeley Yoga Center, Berkeley Arts Magnet Elementary School, Orinda Yoga, Berkeley YMCA, Dragon Well Healing Center, and Precious Life Wellness Center.

  • Internationally: Copenhagen, Denmark; Barcelona, Spain; Costa Rica, Mexico, and retreats with Rare Journeys (national geographic explorer Ian Baker) in Tibet.




Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College, Berkeley, CA 2007


Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies
  • University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA 1997 included study abroad at:

  • Delhi University, India (6 months) Sociology and Hindi

  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (1 year) Comparative Religion 1996


  • Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner, Rosen Method Institute of Berkeley, CA 2002

  • Chi Nei Tsang Organ Massage, Chi Nei Tsang Institute, Giles Marin 2003

  • Licensed Massage Therapist, Re-Source Massage Institute, Gail Stewart 2003

  • Reiki Master, Himalayas, India 1998


  • Ayurveda Fundamentals Intensive, Swamy Vivekenanda Research Institute of Medical Sciences, Mysore, India 2004

  • Deeper Ayurveda Residential Intensive, Jiva Ayurveda. Faridabad India 2004


Psychotherapy Training
  • Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy 2 Year Comprehensive Training, Hakomi Institute of San Francisco 2006

  • Huma Somatic Psychotherapy. 2 Year Training, with Louise Barrie 2004 plus ongoing study.

  • Jon Eisman’s ‘Recreating the Self’ Intensive Training 2006

  • Enneagram Personality Types, Franciscan Convent, Minnesota 2 residential intensives, Reizah Leah Landman 1999, 2000

  • SAT, “Seekers After Truth” Enneagram Personality Types, 10 day residential intensive, Claudio Naranjo Germany, 2011 and Mendocino, 2014

  • Relational Mindfulness – A Path to Intimacy and Reducing Barriers to Love, RobFisher, Esalen 2012

  • Mentorship with Claudio Naranjo, Berkeley CA 1999-2014

  • Hoffman Institute Quadrinity Process: Integration of the Four Aspects of Self 2000
    (Bronwyn is NOT a licensed psychotherapist and does not offer psychotherapy in her practice)


  • Healing with Whole Foods Residential, Heartwood Institute, Paul Pitchford 2003

  • Nourishing Within, Da Yuan Circle, Liu Ming ongoing study 2011-2015


  • Classic Pulse Diagnosis of the Nan Jing, Jospeh Adams 2010

  • Structural Imbalances, David Euler 2012

  • Shen and the Internal Organs, David Euler 2012

  • Palpation Based Acupuncture for Gynecology & Infertility, David Euler 2013

  • Healing Apprenticeship, Liu Ming 2011-2015

  • Treatment of Gynecological Disorders, David Euler 2013

  • Emotional Disorders, Elizabeth Rochat 2009

  • Kiiko Acupuncture, Kiiko Matsumoto 2011

  • Treatment of Unresolved Scars, Holly Guzman 2019

  • Comprehensive Screening for Repeat Pregnancy Loss, Leslie Oldershaw 2019

  • Diagnosing Digestive Disorders, Jennifer Bezjak 2019

  • Trimester Pregnancy Do's and Don'ts, Holly Guzman 2019

  • Shamanic Journey to Spirit of the Points, Mary Lyell 2019

  • Cycles and Transformations: Supporting Reproductive Health with KMS Acupuncture, Kiiko 2020

  • Kiiko's Online Master Class II, Kiiko 2020

  • Stomach 9 & The Carotid Artery, Kiiko and Kobylecka 2020

  • Ming Men, Kidney Water, and the Cylce of Life, Kiiko 2020

  • Mastering the Temporal Points: Advanced San Jiao & Gallbladder Treatments, Kiiko and Kobylecka 2021

  • Adrenal Stress, the ANS, and Immunity, Kiiko and Kobylecka 2021

  • Birth Trauma, Adrenal Imbalance, Immune Dysfunction, Kiiko and Kobylecka 2021

  • Daoist Wellness & Sexology, Jeffrey Yuen, 2022


Plant Medicine
  • The Spirit of Herbs, Thea Elijah 2009

  • Treatment of Immune Deficiency and Allergic Disorders with Essential Oils, Peter Holmes 2009

  • Aroma Acu-point Therapy, Peter Holmes 2014

  • The Nectar of Plants, Josephine Spilka 2015

  • Western Herbs in the Clinic, Jennifer Monin 2018


Yoga, Dance, & Somatics
  • Iyengar Yoga, The Yoga Room, Donald Moyer 2000-2007

  • Ashtanga Yoga, Mysore, India 2004

  • Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, Piedmont Yoga Studio, Rodney Yee 2003

  • Yoga Teacher Training, Berkeley Yoga Source, Jazz Potier 1999

  • Contact Improvisation and axis syllabus, numerous trainings, performances, and extensive ongoing practice since 1999

  • Immersion in silent meditation retreats, Raja yoga, pranayama practices, numerous pilgrimages, and ashram residencies. 15 months India 1997-1998


      For a more comprehensive list of trainings and classes, please see my Dance Bio or Past Events Page


Selected Workshops Given
  • Ensuring Brilliant and Robust Immunity with Prashanti de Jagar, Fairfax, CA. Functional Medicine & Ayurveda 2010

  • Urban Yoga and Wellness Retreat with Sri Louise, Berkeley, CA 2010

  • Earth Plastering on Straw Bale Buildings, Mendocino, CA 2010

  • Reiki at the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program 2014

  • Movement Classes at SAT; Seekers After Truth 10 day residential retreat with Claudio Naranjo 2014


International Experience


Originally from South Africa, Bronwyn has lived, worked, and studied all over the world, and reads and writes Hindi, Hebrew, and Spanish. She has traveled throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, as well as in Central and South America. Her international experience allows her to work with people from diverse backgrounds and integrates a deep understanding of many healing arts. These travels have inspired within her a deep caring for the earth, sustainable living, and humanitarian needs.


Bronwyn strives to unify passionate aliveness with a grounded presence. She spends her time seeking ways to transform consciousness through the integration of body, mind, spirit, and the elements. She is a dedicated and inspired mother and considers this a big part of her spiritual practice. In her spare time, she enjoys making pottery and tending her garden. Bronwyn also loves to dance and spends as much time as possible upside-down.
She lives in Berkeley, CA with her daughter, Nymue.

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