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 Connecting us to our sacred,
embodied wisdom and the 
norishment of our destiny.

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San Francisco  •  East Bay •  Berkeley  •  Oakland

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Bronwyn Ayla

My mission is to restore embodied wisdom, inspire nourishing interactions, and unleash your innate potential through the alchemy of hands-on healing, movement, herbs, and energy medicine.


Healing is about connecting to our deepest impossible dreams and making them a reality in our lives. It is a process of transformation from who we think we are to who we really are.  


Creating optimal health helps us connect to the nourishment of our destiny --- the impact we came here to make in the world, our community, our family, and ourselves.


I unify a range of holistic medical arts to help women find radiant health and connect with our sacred wisdom. My modalities include acupuncture, Rosen Method bodywork, movement, lifestyle coaching, Reiki, nutritional consultation, and plant medicine.

Join Bronwyn each week live​ online

  • Practices to promote health, well-being, and vibrant aliveness. 

  • Access to Bronwyn's call archive.

  •  Deep dive into what is optimal health.

  • Practices on how to align with seasonal energy, and foundations of Asian medicine.

  • Step into energetic mastery and dive into the deep awakening of your divine essence.

My Offerings

"Bronwyn is an unbelievably talented healer - full of kindness, compassion, intuition, wisdom, and skill.”

Amy B. 
Berkeley, CA


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From my Blog

Women: Brew this Delicious Tea Every Day for Optimum Health


This is a tea I have been making for years with many variations. It's great as an everyday tea for hydration, guests, my daughter, whoever.  I recommend always having some around whether cold or hot.

Remember, You Are New


Recently, when working through some old trauma, again, I had that pervasive thought of "I've already done this work. Why is this still coming up?  When am I going to be done with this? I'm so over dealing with this." 

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