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Pregnancy and Births

My passion is assisting women in birth through the alchemy of acupuncture, bodywork, movement, herbs, and energy medicine. In my family, I come from a long lineage of midwives and have been steeped in this tradition from an early age. 



One of the biggest sources disconnect I see in my practice comes from women not listening to their inner truth but rather conforming to how external sources tell them they “should” be feeling or behaving. In my process of preparing to give birth I received endless – and often conflicting – recommendations that led me to question which advice to trust. An antidote to this is to return again and again to the wisdom of listening and responding to the impulses of our bodies.


To develop self-trust we need to let go of outside authority, tune into what is happening in our systems, and invite our organisms to speak with us. When the ideas of the neo-cortex become an aristocracy over the directly felt-sense of our body we become disconnected from ourselves and our babies.


As women prepare to give birth there is a cultivation of wildness and trust where our ancient organism’s truth can emerge. This, in turn, prepares us for the challenges that emerge when raising children.



Commonly, women may seek my care during pregnancy for nausea, constipation, fatigue, nutritional advice, nourishing the baby in utero, and general well being. During birth, I assist with inducing labor, pain relief, comfort and turning breech babies. Post-partum care includes treating insufficient lactation, depression, and blood and qi restoration.


I also assist women in their blessing ways towards the end of their pregnancies.  These are ceremonies held with close family and friends to help women prepare for the birthing of their babies and becoming a mother. 



Let me know if I may be of service to you or someone you know.


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“She is an expert in the field of fertility.  With many years of fertility and obstetrics experience, she has helped more than one of my friends through the process of growing a happy and healthy family. Thank You Bronwyn for being a true jewel in the Bay Area's healing community!”

Eric Schmidt, L.Ac.
Santa Monica, CA

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