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Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle Coaching

When women approach me for a healing session I know they are often looking for a certain problem they have to be fixed; menstrual cramps, infertility, anxiety, irregular cycles, insomnia, etc.  Their model of health is centered around fixing what is perceived as broken and often doesn’t even consider what is possible in the realm of vibrant aliveness.


What is optimal health?  I have spent the last 20 years seeking an answer to this question. Allopathic medicine’s answer appears to be finding the right cocktail of pharmaceuticals to control the body’s processes sufficiently that one’s symptoms are minimized.  A more holistic model suggests that we have a healthy physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social body to thrive.


Taken a step further, we promote harmony between each of these parts of ourselves so there is an alignment within and without and these selves are in communication and integrated.  I believe stopping at even this level of health is actually a disservice to the people that come to me.  We are not really healthy until we are connected to our purpose for being here on this planet and we are actively seeking the nourishment of our destiny.


Healing is not about fixing something that is broken. It is not about returning to the closest approximation of who we were before the thing happened to us.  It is a process of transformation.


We transform so we are no longer the person we were when our heart was broken, or the trauma happened, or the dis-ease set in.  By listening to the messages of our dis-ease we use alchemy to transform these experiences and cultivate a deep medicine for ourselves and the planet.


I know what’s possible for the women I work with is greater than simply fixing the problem they may have come to me for. I see a potential for untamed wildness to emerge and a possibility of profound integration between the parts of themselves. I see the incredible person you actually are and the big impact you are here to make.

"I always feel her genuinely listening and caring, and her reflective insight brings me to a deeper level of revelation."

Judy Ko
Oakland, CA

Are you ready to transform your life
and nourish your destiny?


Here are 5 Keys to Unlock the Mystery of YOU, Vibrantly Alive. This is the map to the treasure of your life. Together, we can harness your personal evolution, as it is unfolding:


  1. We will identify where you are in the present moment. What it is that’s not working for you in your life.  What is working? What hurts, what’s missing, what’s diseased and what’s out of balance. Which parts of you have lost hope that you can actually be in the fullness of your being and have the life and health you may not dare to dream about.​

  2. You will create a powerful vision for where you want to be. How do you want to feel? What does your life look like when you step fully into your truest self?​

  3. We will create a success plan for you. Step by step, day to day, what are actions you can take and not take to harmonize your life.​

  4. We will work on your skill set for optimal health.  This may include but is not limited to: nutrition, movement, rest, herbs, supplements, ritual, meditation, and lifestyle adjustments.​

  5. You will be honest about energy and boundaries. So you will have a life with only the people and places and things that truly raise your energy and make you feel fully alive.


These powerful sessions take your health and life to it’s highest potential.  

Ready to transform your life?

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