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Nutritional Consultation

Food has been used as an essential part of medicine and prevention of dis-ease for thousands of years. Appropriate changes to diet and lifestyle are crucial for optimal transformation. Food may be slower to take effect than herbs and acupuncture, yet it more profoundly affects all systems of the body over an extended period of time.

The appropriateness of a certain food almost entirely depends upon an individual’s constitution as each flavor and type of food has different actions on our systems. Sour astringes. Spicy causes upward and outward movement. Salty leads downward, softens, and guides to the kidneys. Bitter clears heat and astringes. Sweet supplements and moistens, and bland tasting foods tend to promote urination.


Asian medicine classifies food according to its thermal nature. Adding to this, the components of pH (potential of hydrogen), and color, offers a simple, yet multi-dimensional approach to healing with foods.


Another important component of a holistic nutrition is the analysis of emotional patterns. Emotions and other lifestyle choices play a major role in balancing pH and in determining disease etiology. Disharmonies may present themselves as obesity, premature aging, hormone concerns, yeast and fungal overgrowths, low energy, stomach pain, cardiovascular damage, and immune deficiency to name only a few.

A holistic nutritional consultation


  • Provides an understanding of the etiology of dis-ease from the perspective of nutrition.

  • Helps you make smarter food choices, in order to maximize your diet’s healing potential, and make long-term improvements in your health.

  • Teaches you how to view your meal choices through the lense of Asian medicine.

  • Is customized for each individual's concerns.

  • May include a cleanse or other seasonal recommendations.

“Bronwyn has an incredible well of knowledge and experience from many healing traditions that offers a depth of perspective and intelligence. This is complemented by her ability to hold compassionate heart~centered space, meeting and understanding you where you are at.”

Abigail Hinds

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