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I began studying and teaching Reiki in 1998 while living in the Himalayas.  I had the feeling I had found home and peace as well as my calling in life; to travel the world spreading love and light. There was a transmission of not only zen calmness but a realization of my purpose and the nourishment of my destiny. Reiki is an amazing practice for healing of the body as it encourages spiritual unfoldment.


I personally feel called to spread Reiki as it offers a diversion from a culture of consumerism.  Reiki calls us to sit with the self and understand how to use our inner natural resources to heal.


Inner medicine healing is wonderful to pursue as it resources our own living energy within and how we use it to respond to all things.   A non-action that leads us back to balance and awareness.  This is a radical concept against a backdrop of consuming and is deeply needed in the context of our planet's dwindling resources.


Reiki is an art that demonstrates how the most subtle of methods can often be the most radical. This is the power of We Wei, or non action.  It is a stand for calmness, yin, resting, non doing.


Reiki is gentle, calm, and nurturing and particularly works with stress reduction, insomnia, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain, It is also particularly helpful in being with grief and finding spiritual integration. My Reiki practice is deeply steeped in a background of Traditional Japanese Medicine from which Reiki originally birthed.  This allows a breadth of understanding of the medicine physiology of Ki - or energy - in the body and how to recognize and treat specific conditions more precisely. I often incorporate aromatherapy and tuning forks into the Reiki sessions.

"I cherish my experience of Reiki 1 - Shoden Beginning with Bronwyn. Leaving her studio after the class that weekend, I felt like I had light beams shooting out from my palms. I was immediately able to integrate this Reiki training into my personal life as well as my clinical work with patients doing Chinese medicine. Amazing class. Wonderful teacher.”

Robyn Adcock
Emeryville, CA

What is Reiki


Reiki supports the inner light and consciousness that is alive and present within each of us. It calls us to sit with the self and understand how to use our inner resources to heal ourselves and others.


Inner medicine invites us to draw from our living energy within, and use it to respond to all things. It embodies the principle of Wu Wei, or non- action, that leads us back to balance and deep awareness.


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Reiki impacts the world. Children love it and it's helpful for caretakers, healers, and frankly, everyone. We can all benefit from Reiki as part of our everyday lives.

Comprehensive Reiki Training at the Wu Wei School of Reiki. 

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Reiki is based on ancient healing wisdom that transcends time and culture.  It is instinctual to put our hands on what hurts

Ready to experience Reiki?

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