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Job Opportunity​

Personal/Administrative Assistant

I am seeking an epic personal and administrative assistant for a long-term commitment. Someone of high integrity, with a robust desire to communicate well, who is passionate about feminine leadership, who is self-directed and consciously developing across all areas of life. This outstanding person will be responsible for a variety of duties across multiple domains and must be capable of managing a myriad of tasks including assisting me in personal and professional capacities. 



Negotiable, DOE  $25-$35 an hour. Average 5 -7 hrs/week with room to expand. Minimum of two years commitment.


Description of Workflow


You must be willing to receive texts, phone calls, and emails throughout the day (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm, possible quick check-ins on weekends ). Text and ASANA are my preferred method of communication. Occasional emailing and phone calls. Oakland in office hours - varies, approximately 2x a month for an hour or so. (hours flexible - sometime between 10-4). 


Skillsets needed

  • Fluent in technology and quick to learn

  • Detail-oriented and super organized

  • Superb communication skills and customer service

  • Passionate about creativity, healing, self-development, and entrepreneurship.

  • Mac fluent and have your own computer.

  • Car or electric bike (or be able to travel to and from my home and clinic in the Berkeley Hills, no public transportation close by)


Major Plus

  • Basic knowledge of Asana, MindBodyOnline ​


Roles and Responsibilities


Clinic Manager: (~1-3 hours per week)

  • Assist in staying organized and keep files and systems updated in our physical office and our virtual office.

  • Schedule client sessions and any other meetings.

    • (Appointment bookings made through MindBodyOnline)

  • Receipt of payments from patients

  • Very occasional superbills or other receipts for patients

  • Order clinic supplies – keep stock up to date

  • Communicate with patients, respond to general inquiries, field inquiries and concerns, answer basic questions about my practice and availability

  • Calls and texts from Holistic Medical Arts will be forwarded to your phone and you will be expected to answer these calls as often as possible. Phone calls will need to be returned within 24 hours.


Office Genius (ongoing)

  • Assist in staying organized and keep files and systems updated in our physical office and our virtual office.

  • Minor interactions with patients 


Property Manager (1-3 hrs/week depending on current projects)

  • Assist in managing Airbnb listings; monitor inquiries and other activity; communication with Airbnb guests daily

  • Communicating with staff on property maintenance issues

  • Finding, hiring, and managing schedule and payments of contractors for property (landscaping, plumbing, general repairs etc)


Personal and Family Assistant (1-3 hrs/week)

  • Coordinate/fulfill domestic tasks such as handling shipments, returning items, buying/selling items on Craigslist

  • Going through the mail - filing or responding as appropriate

  • Booking personal appointments, managing my personal calendar

  • Finance: periodic Paypal management (paying or transferring funds)

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