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Working with Bronwyn

I work with a small number of extraordinary people who are ready to transform their lives and take their health to the next level.


By cultivating and supporting greater health and aliveness in our body we enable a sacred wisdom within us to emerge. I bring to people the alchemy of transforming my own life experiences, maintaining a long committed personal practice of cultivating the force, a solid medical training, and 20 years of clinical practice.  


I may suggest one or more of a wide range of holistic modalities as a starting point from which we create a tailored treatment plan based on your needs and preferences. If you are longing to be held in a powerful way by someone who is experienced, professional, and compassionate let’s begin this journey together.  

*Please note I do not provide primary care.


Read more on my specialty in woman's health.


Holistic Clinic Appointments


Online Wellness Session

Bring the power of healing into your own home.

Take charge of your immunity and have the agency to make shifts in your daily life based on your health goals. Supplementing with herbs, curating your nutrition, and implementing healthy lifestyle practices can propel you towards greater vitality.

These sessions will be tailored to your specific health goals and will include a consultation where we will go over herbal prescription, nutritional adjustments, lifestyle advice, and intention setting.

Prepare yourself for our time together by arranging a quiet, private space, preferably in front of your altar or lying down. These sessions may include the sending of healing energy in the form of energy medicine (Reiki).
One follow-up session is 40 min with Bronwyn and it's recommended to allow 25 min after the session to integrate. If it is your first time please book an initial consultation (50 min). And be sure to fill out the new client intake forms at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Online Initial Consultation $300

1 session: $200
4 sessions: $780 ($195/session)
8 sessions: $1520 ($190/session)
12 sessions: $2220 ($185/session)

(use packages with in one year)


Initial Consultation

Acupuncture and herbal prescription for first-time clients.

First time? Book an Initial Consultation and explore a breadth of holistic medical arts which promote integrated healing when combined. 

An initial consultation and treatment include acupuncture with one or many of the modalities I offer such as nutritional advice, moxa, cupping, lifestyle coaching, tuning forks, aromatherapy, Reiki, sound healing, movement or herbal prescription. 

I will create a customized treatment plan based on what is most relevant to your health goals and areas of concern.

Sessions will be vary from 90 min to 2 hours depending on how long the needles are left in your body. 

Remember to fill out the new client intake forms at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

*Required for first-time acupuncture clients.




Dive Deep into Your Healing Journey

Explore a breadth of holistic medical arts that promote integrated healing when combined. 


These sessions will include acupuncture along with one or more modalities such as movement, Rosen Method Bodywork, nutrition, ceremony, moxa, aromatherapy, tuning forks, crystals, sound healing, cupping, massage, lifestyle coaching, Reiki, and herbology. We will customize the session depending on what is most relevant for you in the moment and according to your treatment plan.


You may receive bodywork or other modalities with your acupuncture sessions or a double acupuncture treatment (on the front and the back body). Your session will last approximately 90 minutes. - depending on how long the needles are left in your body. In-person time with Bronwyn will be approximately 40 min. 


1 session: $200
4 sessions: $780 ($195/session)
8 sessions: $1520 ($190/session)
12 sessions: $2220 ($185/session)

(use packages with in one year)


Individual Modalities 


Rosen Method Bodywork

Tune into your embodied wise self

Through hands-on touch, Rosen Method encourages a listening and tracking of your body-world to promote a clearer channel of communication between the different parts of your self. 

I will focus my hands on chronic muscle tension and the impact of it on your breath and life. As relaxation occurs and the breath deepens, unconscious feelings, attitudes, and memories may emerge.
The results of Rosen Method frequently include reduced pain and tension, and increased vitality and aliveness. Many people experience a new sense of clarity about their life direction and goals. They are better able to make decisions that improve the quality of their life as they more easily align with the truth of their being.
$250 per 50-minute session


Reiki Session

Receive love and light through gentle energy medicine.

The most subtle of methods can often be the most radical. Reiki has the power of We Wei, or non-action.  It is a stand for calmness, yin, resting, and communing with the divine.

Reiki is gentle, calm, and nurturing and particularly works with stress reduction, insomnia, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain, It is also particularly helpful in being with grief and finding spiritual integration and unfoldment. 

I often incorporate aromatherapy, tuning forks, crystals, and sound healing into the Reiki sessions. I use the lens of Asian medicine to recognize disharmonies in the body and frequently will tailor the sessions accordingly. 

$250 per 50-minute

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 10.10.34

Movement Medicine Session

Optimize the pathways your body is taking for longevity, easefulness, and pain reduction.

There is an inseparable relationship between healing and movement. 

Chronic injuries emerge when we move in habitual pathways that are inefficient for the body. If we treat the injury without examining patterns that made the area vulnerable to being injured it is unlikely we can have lasting pain reduction.


When the body is given freedom to shape itself intelligently and honor its innate architecture it then becomes possible for us to move through the world as who we actually are – thus becoming more of our own self. 


$250 for 50-minute sessions

"Any service provided by Bronwyn greatly benefits my healing and overall well being.  Bronwyn's expertise in a vast array of healing modalities allows for a multi-modal approach to health and wellness that is useful for serious injuries and illnesses as well as overall tune-ups and optimizations.”

Rene A., MD
Oakland, CA

Your first time?
Got a Question?

Policies & FAQ's

Schedule a Session

Please schedule, change, or cancel appointments at my Online Scheduler.

You may schedule up to one hour before the start time of an appointment.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel or change a scheduled appointment, I require 48-hour advance notice. Otherwise, you will be charged the full fee for your session.


You must cancel or change your appointment through my online scheduling portal. Please do not call or email to do this. If you cancel an appointment via phone call or email, you will still be charged your full session fee. 


If you are going to be late, please text and let me know.  If you have not arrived within the first 10 minutes of your appointment, it will be considered canceled and you will be responsible for the full payment of your session.


Unless otherwise arranged payment will be due at the time of service. I can provide you with a superbill for submitting to your insurance company for direct payment to you. I do not bill your insurance company directly. All purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Why does my confirmation email say my appointment is only 40 minutes?

The total amount of time you could plan to be here is 1.5 hours. I spend about 40 minutes speaking and working directly with you. The remaining time you will be resting with the needles. 

Do you take insurance?

No, but I can provide you with a superbill that you may be able to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. Please check with your provider before making your appointment. See this helpful article on incorporating alternative medicine into your healthcare plan. 


What payment methods can I use?

When you sign up with my scheduling software you will be asked to provide a credit card. This is my preferred method of payment.


What if I need to cancel?

You can make and cancel appointments through my scheduling software. I have a 48-hour cancellation policy. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice may not be done online and will be charged at the full price of the original appointment. Please call or email as soon as you know you will not be able to make your appointment.

Where can I park?

See the interactive map for where to park. Do not park in the neighborʼs driveway or parking areas marked “private”.  You may park parallel to the wooden fence across the street. If you are able to walk, you can park at the top of Dwight Way and go through Claremont Canyon for a beautiful 15-minute nature hike (recommended).

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